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Have you ever accidentally deleted a file or made a mistake while editing a document on your Mac? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. But did you know that your Mac has a feature that allows you to undo your mistakes? In this article, we’ll show you how to undo on Mac with just a few clicks.

Undoing with Keyboard Shortcuts

The easiest and fastest way to undo on Mac is by using keyboard shortcuts. Here’s how:

  1. Undo your last action: press Command + Z
  2. Redo an undone action: press Command + Shift + Z

These shortcuts work on most apps on your Mac, including the Finder, Safari, Pages, and many more.

Undoing on Specific Apps

Some apps on your Mac have their own specific undo functions. Here are some examples:

Undo in TextEdit

If you’re using TextEdit to edit a document, you can use the Edit menu to undo your actions. Here’s how:

  • Select Edit from the menu bar.
  • Click on Undo or Redo to reverse your actions.
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Undo in Pages

If you’re working on a document in Pages, you can use the Undo and Redo buttons in the toolbar to reverse your actions.

You can also access the Undo and Redo functions by:

  • Clicking on Edit in the menu bar.
  • Selecting Undo or Redo from the dropdown menu.

What if Undo is Disabled?

Sometimes, the undo function may be disabled in certain apps due to security reasons. Don’t worry, there’s still a way to undo your actions. Here’s how:

  1. Open the app and go to the menu bar.
  2. Select Edit and then Show Clipboard.
  3. Click on the action you want to undo.
  4. Press Command + C to copy the action to the clipboard.
  5. Select the text or object you want to undo the action on.
  6. Press Command + V to paste the copied action. This will undo your previous action.

Undoing with Time Machine

If you’ve accidentally deleted a file, you can use Time Machine to undo your actions and retrieve the deleted file. Here’s how:

Step 1: Open Time Machine

Click on the Time Machine icon in your menu bar or go to System Preferences > Time Machine and select “Enter Time Machine.”

Step 2: Find the File

Navigate to the file you want to restore using the timeline or the arrows on the right side of your screen.

Step 3: Restore the File

Select the file you want to restore and click on the “Restore” button to retrieve it.

Undoing on iCloud

If you’ve accidentally deleted a file on iCloud, you can use iCloud.com to restore it. Here’s how:

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Step 1: Go to iCloud.com

Open a web browser and go to iCloud.com. Log in to your Apple ID.

Step 2: Open iCloud Drive

Click on the iCloud Drive icon to access your files.

Step 3: Restore the File

Locate the file you want to restore, right-click on it, and select “Restore Files.”


Q: Can I undo multiple actions at once?

A: Unfortunately, you can’t undo multiple actions at once. You’ll have to undo each action individually.

Q: Can I undo actions that I did hours or days ago?

A: It depends on whether you have Time Machine or other backups set up. If you do, you can go back in time and undo your actions. If you don’t, you may not be able to undo actions from the past.

Q: What if I accidentally deleted a file from the Trash?

A: You can still use Time Machine or other backups to retrieve the deleted file. If you don’t have backups, you may not be able to recover the file.


We hope this article has helped you learn how to undo on your Mac computer. Remember, undoing your actions can save you time and frustration, so don’t be afraid to use this feature whenever you make a mistake. Have any other questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!

Goodbye for now, and stay tuned for another interesting article!

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